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The BHR Managed RV/Car/SUV/Tent Sites

The 107 RV Area is a quiet, wooded RV area within a 108 acre privately owned residential community atop Lookout Mountain in far northeastern Alabama, about an hour south of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The 107 RV Area is not open to the public. It is available to BHR members only. The cost of our Basic BHR Annual Membership is $20. With the purchase of a membership you do receive $20 off the cost of your first stay each year. Go to our Membership Application page on this website to join BHR.

The 107 RV Area has three RV hookup sites with 30 amp electric service at each site plus a 20 amp outdoor outlet. Water service is available to all three sites. A bathroom is being added to a cabin currently under construction. This bathroom will be available for all visitors to share upon completion. RV sites are available for long or short term rental (daily, weekly, or monthly) and require reservations.

Rates: $25 per night or $150 per week, all bills paid. Our monthly rental fee is $300 plus your share of utility bills. For monthly rentals, the first and last month’s rent and a $200 utility deposit are required at the time of rental.

Off-Grid Car/SUV/Tent Site Rates: $10/night

You don’t own an RV? Don’t let that stop you from visiting! Visitors may rent a furnished 1957 24’ Avion RV:



OR a 2011 18’ Amerilite travel trailer for $40 per night for short term visits of less than one month:

For reservations of the Avion or Amerilite please contact us HERE


The Blue Heron Ranch also offers two RV sites with water and 30 amp electric service at our 29-acre nature/horse sanctuary in northwestern Georgia.

Additionally, BHR has six off-grid campsites available for car/suv/tent camping along the edge of the nature sanctuary woods. All sites are for the enjoyment of BHR members only. To camp at BHR, you must purchase a BHR Basic Annual Membership of $20. With the purchase of a membership you do receive $20 off the cost of your first stay each year.

The nightly rate for the RV sites is $25. Off-grid camping sites are $10 per night. Please contact us for reservations.

All BHR owned or managed RV/Car/SUV/Tent campgrounds are LGBTQIA friendly. We welcome pets. Pets must be walked on a leash when walking on the community roads or nature sanctuary trails.

To reserve a Blue Heron Ranch RV or off-grid camping site, contact us HERE


The BHR Cabarn
Lease Program

At the BHR 29 acre nature sanctuary in northwestern Georgia, our cabarn lease program is best described as a long-term lease agreement on a cabarn that you design and  construct on one of six sites we have available on the edge of the woods at our nature sanctuary.  The current lease rate is $300 per month. You must provide your own off-grid utilities. Water for refilling RV tanks is available at the BHR barn.

Resident Agreements are the way BHR resident members will develop their community. These Agreements are a work in progress that will continue to evolve as residents join the community. The first few that have been established are these:

BHR Georgia Agreements

  • All BHR members who apply to lease a cabarn site will be considered on the basis of “goodness of fit” with the community. Approval for occupancy will be determined by a consensus minus one vote of the Board of Directors and all other occupants of  cabarn sites who have leased their site for at least six months.

  • Feminist Conflict Resolution Theory will be used to resolve issues that arise within the community. The feminist process that will be used for voting on community issues will be consensus minus one.

  • Once an occupant of a cabarn site has leased her site for at least six months, she will be eligible to participate as a voting member of a Land Steward's Council that will meet monthly to discuss community issues and report to the BHR Board of Directors.

  • Once an occupant of a cabarn site has leased her site for at least a year, she will become eligible to be elected to the BHR Board of Directors in accordance with the BHR By-Laws.

BHR owns its nature sanctuary land in Georgia. It was fully paid for by the non-profit in 2022. All lease fees support BHR’s mission to preserve and protect our nature sanctuary land and animals. For more information, please contact us 



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Many Area Attractions

DeSoto Falls State Park in Mentone, Alabama is among the many attractions in the area!

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