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2024 BHR Events

September 7, 2024
Assembling a Rainwater Collection System for the Garden

Instructor Helen Allen will teach a one-day workshop on the basics of assembling a rainwater collection system for watering your garden. Helen designed and built her home’s rainwater collection system which is serving her family well.

Participants will actively engage in hooking up two 1200 gallon water tanks to the BHR barn guttering system at the barn. Helen will lead us in assembling this system as a model for what you can do at your home. By the end of the day, BHR should have a functional means of alternative water collection that demonstrates a vital home system needed for self-sufficient living. Each participant will be given a handout on materials needed and useful online and published resources about rainwater collection.


Cost: $40. Lunch provided.

Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm Eastern

Location: The Blue Heron Ranch,  577 Hawkins Ranch Road, Menlo, Georgia

Registration: Contact us HERE

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Continuing Programs

The BHR Gardening Collective

The BHR Gardening Collective meets every Monday at 10am to care for the garden and orchard areas at the nature sanctuary. We share in the produce as the fruits of our labor. 

Nomadic BHR members who stay at our RV or camping areas are welcome to participate in gardening on any day and eat from the garden.

The Frontier Food Co-op Buying Club
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BHR is registered as a wholesale food buying club with Frontier Co-op, a national member-owned food co-op offering over 7,000 natural food and body care products. You can live anywhere in the world and order online 24/7 at There is no minimum dollar amount or quantity required to place an order through Frontier. Shipping is free for orders of $250 or more shipped within the contiguous United States so consider putting together orders from a few friends where you live to save on shipping charges.

If you join our wholesale food buying club and buy through BHR, you will be able to buy items at the listed wholesale price. BHR receives a patronage refund each year based on the dollar amount spent by our buying club members for the year.

This patronage refund represents another way you can support BHR at no added cost to yourself. To join our food buying club, please Contact us HERE

Connecting With Your Inner Equine


The BHR herd of nine horses invites you to join with them on Sundays for two hours of equine interaction. Equine activities include grooming the horses and learning to work with the horses from the ground in supervised round pen training exercises. No riding is involved. This program is for adults ages 18 and over only.

Bring a sack lunch with you and join us for lunch in the barn after each session.

Cost: $10 per session

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm Eastern

Location: The BHR barn at 577 Hawkins Ranch Road, Menlo, GA

To sign up, please Contact us HERE 

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